Core Areas

Game Development


Need help building or developing a game?


Creative Bytes Studios has both proprietary and commercial experience in this area.  Our team can assist you with any or all aspects of game development including:


  • Concept Development

  • Design

  • Programming

  • Production

  • Art

  • Audio


Our proven development methodologies allow us to adapt to the unique needs of any project.  We leverage a variety of game engines such as Unity, CryENGINE and Unreal that help bring your ideas to life. In addition, we have experience shipping on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Interactive Experiences


Are you looking for unique ways to engage and interact with your customers?


Creative Bytes Studios works with you to develop and build engaging interactive experiences for your customers.  Advantages of making your experiences interactive are:


  • Multi-Platform

    • Engines automatically open experiences to tablet, mobile phones and desktop computers

  • Replayability

  • More opportunities to engage and keep your audience
  • Analytics

  • Track reactions and behavior in order to better retain customer engagement.

Application Development


Do you have an idea for a new APP or need a specific type of software to streamline your workflow?


Creative Bytes Studios can help translate these ideas into working applications on the platforms that best suit your needs, including:


  • Mobile

    • Apple iOS
    • Android

  • Desktop

    •  C# .NET

  • Web

    •  PHP
    • CSS
    • MySQL

Other Capabilities

Digital Graphics

Sometimes you just need that stunning piece of art to tie everything together.  Our artists are well versed in a multitude of digital graphic services that can help you create an eye-catching component to your product or brand including:


  • Branding

    • logos
    • fonts
    • social media icons

  • 3D Assets

    •  3D Characters modeled, textured and rigged
    • 3d Environments for commercial game engines, television or film.

  • Video Production

    •  Animated title screens
    • Transition effects


Other times you may simply be looking for advice from expert developers.  We offer a wide breadth of experience and can provide guidance and recommendations across a variety of areas including:


  • Game Engine

    • Architecture

  • Technical Art

    • Planning
    • Development

  • Project Management

    • Breakdown
    • Scheduling