Our Story

Creative Bytes Studios is built on the attitude that together we can make incredible things that we can’t do alone.

The company was founded in 2013 in St. Catharines by Paul Caporicci and Shawn Jackson, who each spent a decade working for several AAA studios. The founders were attracted to the Niagara Region for its balanced quality of life, amazing access to talent and close knit community of other indie game devs. At Creative Bytes, we make high-quality, engaging games where the player’s experience is our primary focus. Since we have started, Creative Bytes Studios balances it’s time between making its own games for consoles / PC and helping other developers finish their games.


Paul Caporicci

CEO / Project Director

Shawn Jackson

CCO / Art Director

Our Beliefs

Everyone has ideas

At Creative Bytes while everyone has their own expertise we believe that contributions can come from anyone


Iteration is our greatest tool

We know how important iteration is to create the best games possible and are constantly finding ways to incorporate that mentality into our production.


Embrace failure

We believe that learning from our mistakes is our best teacher and embrace failure as an important part of the process.


Available to everyone, everywhere

We want our games to be on as many platforms as possible and have used many commercial engines including Unity, Unreal and CryEngine.